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The purpose of the Mariachi Publishing Company® is to provide musical notation from a variety of the mariachi repertory for the mariachi musician and mariachi group. The notation of the music includes stylistic nuances known only by experienced professionals.

The repertory list includes both traditional and popular pieces chosen to cater to the beginning level musician all the way to the advanced accomplished mariachi performer.

The transcriptions, which are done on computer, are available at very reasonable prices and provide you the score and individual instrumental parts (i.e. Violin, Trumpet, Armonía (Guitars and Vihuela), and Guitarrón (indigenous portable acoustic bass).  An advantage of purchasing your written music with MPC is that most of the song titles can be adapted to the ability of the group.  We add that personal touch to all orders by providing consultation for song keys, ability levels, song choices, etc.  Just email your questions to laura@sobrino.net.

A CATALOG of the songs is available. Once you click on that link, you will find the transcriptions conveniently organized by song forms, then by title.  Remember to check the list frequently as new titles are added several times a year!

We have three payment options: by PayPal credit purchases, by approved school invoice, and personal payment.  For general information on non-credit purchases: http://www.sobrino.net/mpc/otherpayment.htm

Email me at laura@sobrino.net
if you have any further questions.




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