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Mariachi music for most of its 200 or so years has primarily been an aural tradition, passing songs down from generation to generation, father to son, ear to ear. In the 1980's there was a sudden renaissance of traditional Mexican music, not in its native México, but around the world. As interest grew in learning mariachi repertory from non-mariachi trained musicians, a need grew to provide written notational documentation of the many songs that have come to identify the mariachi tradition.

There are many well- trained transcribers who can easily listen to a recording and attempt to annotate the melodies and harmonies that make up the mariachi "sound". The best transcriber for the job is one who has also been a professional mariachi and who is familiar with the stylistic intricacies that truly make this Mexican traditional and popular music unique. Also, there are many who are not so fortunate as to have mariachi ensembles readily available to teach them in the traditional manner, by rote, imitating what the teacher plays to the student. For those who wish to grasp an understanding of the mariachi style and who don't have a mariachi musician to teach them, Mariachi Publishing Company's transcriptions are of the best transcriptions available.

There are several more advantages to ordering MPC transcriptions.  First and foremost, the transcriptions are a most welcome convenience for the school music teacher.  Second, your purchase will be customized to your mariachi group's key and technical ability.  Third, the catalog list just keeps growing and growing making available to you new songs each year.  Join the growing number of school districts, mariachi teachers and mariachi directors who are now satisfied patrons of MPC.  MPC accepts purchase orders, money orders and personal checks.  Sorry, no credit card purchases are available yet

Laura Sobrino studied a branch of ethnomusicology at UC Santa Cruz, learning proper musical transcription, and has been a performing professional mariachi since 1975, one of the first women to do so in the United States. She is sought by many of the national conference/workshops to teach the growing numbers of child and adult aficionados registering for instruction. 

Ms. Sobrino was the only non-Mexican born mariachi to be accepted as a master teacher for the prestigious National Endowment for the Arts Foundation. She coordinated and taught classes for Los Angeles' first non-profit society dedicated to providing mariachi instruction to all ages and her resumé of workshops include: Tucson Festival, Albuquerque Festival, San Jose Festival, Alice Texas Festival, Salinas Festival and private workshops for Fort Worth, Texas and Concord, California students.

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